Influencer Marketing for
Beauty and Personal Care Brands

Due to the extreme advent of influencer marketing, several internet beauty and personal care firms have become widely known and successful. Learn how they’re doing it and how CYBEES can help you follow in their footsteps.

Beauty and Personal care

Influencer Marketing For
beauty and personal care Brands

By the numbers

Take a peek at the performance data and resources of beauty companies on CYBEES and you’ll find some astounding statistics in these difficult times.

The beauty and personal care market in India was valued at INR 901.07 Bn in 2018, and is forecast to reach INR 2,463.49 Bn by 2024, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~18.40% during the 2019-2024 period.

Proven influencer marketing strategies that work

Here at CYBEES, we’ve worked with some of the best influencer marketing beauty and personal care brands and witnessed plenty of innovation and successful influencer campaigns along the road at CYBEES.

Challenge Audiences

The beauty industry provides several opportunities for viewers to express and share their creativity. Collaborate with influencers to sponsor hashtag challenges across social media platforms, with innovative engagement ideas that encourage followers to participate and repost, with our Reporting and attribution tool keep track of ROI and content statistics as you launch each campaign. Watch as your reporting provides you with real-time updates on each and every post made using CYBEES

Share the experience

Consumers want to know what it’s like to use your product, and social influencers offer the ideal venue for them to do so. Make use of influencer connections on social networks like Instagram & Youtube to produce video ads that highlight customers’ real life experiences with your products. With Cybees influencer search engine, you can identify genuine influencers, use outreach templates, and manage influencer relationships

Accept free content

You don’t have to rely on pricey professional photoshoots just because you’re a beauty company. Today’s consumers value authenticity above everything else. So boost your influencer programmes to create eye-catching, authentic content (without the hefty photoshoot price tag).
All of your organically developed material can be managed, tracked, and repurposed in one spot. With CYBEES, you can filter by colour and style to build visually appealing ads that convert.

Collaborate for tutorials

Influencers might be the ultimate resource for determining how to use your product. Collaborate with beauty influencers that provide simple instructions to show clients how to achieve a specific look. Allow them to ask followers to upload photos of their own outcomes, resulting in an infinite supply of real material, with cybees you can activate an endless number of campaigns, manage content, and get true ROI on every single post

Go Live

It should be a no to use live video, which receives more interaction than conventional uploads. To increase brand recognition, have influencers offer live events on Instagram such as beauty sessions, lessons, and chats.
Using CYBEES, you can manage all of your marketing relationships and events with real-time data, analytics, and sophisticated communication capabilities

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