How COVID-19 Affects Influencer Marketing

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As the worldwide novel Corona virus problem worsens, consumers are changing the way they interact with content, social media, and advertising across platforms. As we adjust to this new reality, CYBEES provides insight into altering industry and consumer trends, as well as the influence on the eCommerce market.

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56 percent of marketers believe that influencer material surpasses their own brand content and that they will rely on influencer marketing throughout this crisis


The demand for packaged goods in the United States has increased by 9.5 percent as people increasingly buy for almost everything online

Consumer Impact

Due to customers adjusting to their new way of life, e-commerce expenditure is up 36 percent and growing at nearly double the rate.

As this new normal of the stay-home economy emerges, Influencers are uniquely poised to capture consumer’s attention: from what to order and where to shop online; great pantry meals at home; entertaining and teaching kids out of school; how to dress in a time of economic austerity; saving money, and thousands of other emerging thoughts and anxieties in consumers’ minds. More than ever, consumers will turn to social media for content, comfort and creativity.


Economic Impact

Consumers are relying significantly on ecommerce since virtually everyone is being asked to work remotely and youngsters are now studying from home. As a result, demand for CPG has risen throughout the world, with Italy experiencing a 10.9 percent rise in demand, France, a 9 percent rise, the UK, an 8.2 percent rise, and the US experiencing a 9.5 percent rise.

Consumer Preferences

The significance of ecommerce and online shopping

DTC Industries is doing very well in present economic climate

Consumer Impact

People are adapting to a new reality, and DTC businesses are winning as an outcome. Customers are spending more time online and seeking advice from trusted influencers. This modern style of life gives an opportunity for marketers to communicate with its customers on a profound level.

Budget methods and the effects of time

Consumption of social media is increasing

Consumers' chosen channels

Brand Impact

Brands realise that by presenting material in a more real manner, influencers may more successfully keep the attention of their audience. During these unusual times, businesses are also beginning to place a larger emphasis on long term collaborations that result in higher insights and ROI

Influencer marketing is becoming popular among brands

Influencers are more driven now than ever before

It is now time to develop long-term strategy

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