Influencer Marketing for
Tech brands

Due to the rapid advancement of influencer marketing, it is now easier than ever to launch an online technology hardware product. Discover what the industry’s leaders are doing well and how CYBEES can assist your Tech brands.

Tech Brands

Influencer Marketing For
Tech Brands

By the numbers

Even in the midst of the current global crisis, a quick examination of our customer data reveals greatly boosted metrics and sales for tech-related products.

In 2021, the client computing hardware category was the most profitable in the industry, accounting for $23.8 billion in revenue, or 78.4 percent of the total market value.

Proven influencer marketing strategies that work

Here at CYBEES, we’ve worked with some of the best influencer marketing for tech brands in India and witnessed plenty of innovation, and successful influencer campaigns along the road at CYBEES.

Detailed product review

When buying hardware from tech brands, customers rely on what they see. Show them a detailed product evaluation given by a tech influencer. A detailed product review assists the user in comprehending the product’s characteristics, features, and other benefits, which leads to the ultimate purchasing decision.
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Brand Ambassadors

Choose a group of influencers to promote the product and publish about how it fits into their lifestyle. Encourage influencers to define themselves as brand ambassador in their profile so that new followers who land on their page see it first and get the impression that they actually appreciate the brand and its products. Brand ambassadors provide a more personal touch like in a relationship than a one-time transaction. All the resources you need to cultivate less transactional, more real connections with influencers who actually care about your business.

Product comparison

A common but effective strategy for showcasing your tech hardware products is to conduct a comparison of your product and your competition in which you discuss the price, features, specifications, look and feel of the product while highlighting your product’s USP in the video so that your product stands out from the competitors and the audience makes immediate decision.
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