Influencer Marketing for
Food and Beverages Brands

It goes without saying that influencer marketing has skyrocketed the success of several food and beverages brands. Discover what they’re doing correctly. —as well as how CYBEES may assist you in following in their digital footsteps

Food and beverages

Influencer Marketing For
Food and Beverages Brands

By the numbers

Take a look behind the CYBEES curtain to discover how our food and beverage customers are using influencer marketing to make an impact, despite the current global scenario

India’s food and beverages industry consumption in 2019 is estimated at ~Rs. 30 Lakh Crores. The ‘in-the-kitchen’ segment, comprising staples, spices and condiments, dairy and others, accounts for ~70% of the food and beverages basket, or ~Rs. 21Lakh Crores.

Proven influencer marketing strategies that work

Here at CYBEES, we’ve worked with some of the best DTC Influencer marketing for Food and beverages brands and witnessed plenty of innovation, and successful influencer campaigns along the road at CYBEES.

Organize Virtual Tastings

Online tastings, in-home cooking sessions, and digital dining are all the rage right now. Make an event and invite foodies and culinary influencers to attend and/or share invites with their audience. Add a promotion or discount to the deal, and you’ve got a great formula , Use CYBEES influencer search engine, which has over a million results, to locate and collaborate with genuine influencers, develop outreach, and manage connections


Share This

With a clever hashtag campaign that encourages sharing, you can get people talking about your brand. Allow audience members to plate their own dishes for a chance to win a reward or to nominate friends who deserve a gift. Recruiting influencers will broaden your reach and spread the word, allowing for maximum participation, Using affiliate links, product delivery, and discount coupons, you can activate, manage, and assess the effectiveness of your campaigns using CYBEES

Arrange a taste test

Because not everyone has the opportunity to sample before they buy, a review from a trust worthy influencer may go a long way. Collaborate with vloggers and bloggers to have them evaluate your product or utilise it in inventive meals. Track success by providing affiliate links and promotional vouchers to their audiences. With CYBEES, you can manage influencer relations and obtain real-time data into your brand’s ambassador initiatives

Make a recipe

What kinds of things can you make using your products? Provide delectable recipes that showcase or pair well with your food or beverages. Ask influencers to share your recipes, recreate them, and share them with their audience to create evergreen content.
With CYBEES reporting and attribution tools, you can track genuine ROI and the performance of your influencer initiatives..

Make the switch to green

While many food and beverages Brand are unable to avoid waste, you may collaborate with influencers to over alternatives. Request that your ambassadors produce entertaining and eco-friendly alternatives to tossing away finished items by creating interesting DIY content pieces that can be shared across social media. With CYBEES content generation and management capabilities, you can manage your organically created content and re purpose it across all of your marketing platforms

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